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Contra Costa



Santa Clara
To Enroll: 1(855) DUI-8055; Ques? Call # below
Number listed by county(Fax)

DUI Program and Alcohol & Drug Assessment (ASI)-
Mountain View, CA

Enrollment into an OHS program:
Call: 855-DUI-8055 or 855-384-8055,
Email: OHS@mhn.com

Main Address:
625 Ellis Street, Suite 100
Mountain View, CA 94043
Main Ph-(650) 988-4825
Fax-(650) 988-0175

Email us at: OHSSantaClara@mhn.com

Program Manager: Jason Espinoza
Ph- (650) 988-4828

DUI Programs:
OHS is committed to providing the highest quality of counseling and educational services to those who have been convicted of violating DUI laws. OHS collaborates with the criminal justice system and is licensed by the California State Department of Alcohol and Drugs.

Alcohol and Drug Assessments (ASI):
At OHS California State-Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors administer the ASI Assessment. The assessment typically takes about an hour. Within minutes of an assessment, OHS can create a personalized report for you, or your clients.

OHS administers a reliable, industry-standard substance abuse assessment. The ASI identifies clients’ unique needs and helps him or her return to health. The ASI can reveal if problems exist in Family History, Employment, Mental Health, Medical, Substance Abuse, Psychiatric and Legal whether they warrant attention during treatment.

DMV Admin Per Se:
You can enroll in the OHS-DUI Program prior to your court date. By using the DMV Admin Per Se form (it is a pink 30-day temporary drivers license) to be on your way obtaining a restricted license.

Give OHS a call to schedule an appointment at 855-384-8055

Se habla español

For more information: www.duiprograms.ohs.mhn.com

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