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Have you been arrested for a DUI in Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin or Texas? Contact Cloverleaf and learn about their online DUI classes. Call 800-530-5822.

“Cloverleaf was the only company that not only provided me with alternatives for completing the class requirements but was also able to provide me with very competitive rates from over 30 different insurance companies for the SR-22. Their customer services department was very knowledgeable and helpful.” -Brian, client

Cloverleaf Inc understands that receiving a DWI-DUI citation can be a very traumatic experience and will do everything we can to lessen the stress of this event.

Cloverleaf was founded in 1989 and has assisted thousands of individuals like you. If you live in Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin or Texas, let Cloverleaf show you that you you still have options to fulfill your alcohol education requirements after a DUI arrest.

Although Cloverleaf primary handles the SR-22 normally required when after a DUI-DWI, this resource also assists in providing several alternatives available for class completion of SATOP whether it be on-line courses or the support of a classroom environment that can fit to your schedule.

Cloverleaf can offer you very competitive rates from over 30 different providers of SR-22 Insurance. You can begin this process in just minutes by calling 1-800-530-5833.

When I received a DWI violation, I was devastated. In contacting Cloverleaf, I learned that I had alternatives. Cloverleaf was able to find me a low cost provider for the SR-22 in a matter of minutes on the telephone. I also learned that I could complete my class requirements on-line without missing any days of work. … All of this was accomplished on a very confidential level. I wish to thank all of the people at Cloverleaf for their help.” -Chris, client

Nervous about your exam? Cloverleaf can help!

ORDER YOUR PRACTICE EXAM MATERIAL FOR DUI-DWI CLASSES NOW! CALL 800-530-5822 (Available in most states accepting on-line course completion certificates.)

Cloverleaf can provide you with helpful hints for passing on-line DUI-DWI classes along with similar questions and answers used in actual prior exams. These questions will also help you in assessing your level of difficulty prior to paying for any on-line class. Note: We do not represent that any or all of these exact questions will appear on your actual test and is designed only to provide you with an insight into taking on-line exam.

You do not have to handle the devastating repercussions of a DUI – DWI alone! Cloverleaf can help. Contact Cloverleaf today and begin the important steps of moving on with your life!

Cloverleaf Inc.
David Roberts

Phone: 800 530 5822
Fax: 800 851 8009

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